Remote Training

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We understand that the next while may be especially challenging with all the closures and suggested social distancing due to the COVID-19 crisis. To aid in this, SLC Strength & Conditioning’s elite coaches have created a well-balanced, scientifically backed, and progressible program for our community to remain healthy (physically and mentally) during this trying time. Our remote programming is especially unique in that all workouts are specifically designed to be done at home and are not randomized which will significantly aid in preventing injury.

Program Highlights

  • All workouts are designed with an overarching program in mind (i.e. each workout builds off of the other. )
  • The program, itself, is formatted similar to what you’d see at the collegiate and professional athletic level (modified for body weight or limited equipment). 
  • All workouts have full-body emphasis to correct any muscular imbalances and prevent any from occurring.
  • Each workout incorporates 12+ different exercises, providing variety and balance, mitigating short term and long term risk for injury.
  • Scientifically backed with the incorporation of several different training systems including: Tier, Triphasic, Undulating and Auto-regulation.

All exercises have direct links to videos of how to perform any given exercise to help ensure proper form and technique is used at all times. We’ve also created instructional video with tips and tricks on how to modify the workouts for added intensity (i.e. with weights or other means such as adding negatives or for time, etc.) and guided circuits with your coaches, Steve, Sese, Tyler, Lexi, and Ryan, to give you an idea of how it’s done and at what pace we suggest it be completed. Even better? No equipment is needed to participate!

We now have two Remote Program options available!

Phase 1 is a 12 week program designed with body weight exercises for at-home workouts. These are modifiable for added weight or bands, if accessible. Each Giant Set, Super Set, and/or Circuit have links to guided instruction provided by our coaching staff. These programs can be found immediately below.

Phase 2 is a series of modified remote programs that follow the same programming that we’re doing in the facility. Exercises in these programs are intended to be executed with weight, whether it be household items such as a weighted backpack, cans, or gallons of milk, but can also be modified for body weight, if needed. All exercises have links to guided instruction on how to execute them (links only available in Member Portal via browser). Access the Phase 2 Remote Program here.

NOTE: These phases do not need to be completed in any particular order. To access Phase 2 Remote Programs, you’ll need to have an active membership to login to the Member Portal. Click on ‘Workouts’ and then select the day you want to do.

Phase 1 Remote Program Introduction:

NOTE: The following programs are password protected. If you’re a member and unable to login or if you’re not a member, please contact us.

Click the links for Month’s 1, 2, and 3 below to access programs. If you have access to equipment, please watch the provided Tips and Tricks videos first and then feel free to either email us for specific modifications or use the program located on the Zen Planner Member’s App (either download on phone or access via web browser here: )

If you’re in a financial bind due to the COVID-19 crisis, please reach out to us as we’re here to help in keeping you active!

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