Grand Opening Fundraiser: Saturday, September 16, 2017

To mark our official Grand Opening, we are hosting our First Annual Fundraiser benefiting underprivileged youth athletes within our community through a sponsorship program. We have also partnered with Food for Performance, that implements food pantries in the schools for these athletes so that they can remain healthy and continue to play their sport. Both of these programs will improve youth athlete’s ability to obtain future scholarship opportunities at higher education institutions and career opportunities at the collegiate and professional level.

For our fundraiser this year, we are hosting a silent auction with activities throughout the day and a reception in the evening on September 16, 2017. All activities including the silent auction will be held at SLC Strength & Conditioning and all of the funds raised in this silent auction will be going to Food for Performance and the sponsorship program for underprivileged youth athletes.


Join us for Deadlifts & Donuts at 2 pm (registration is required for all participants.) Register HERE

Reception and Silent Auction from 5:30 pm-8 pm
We will also have a raffle and light refreshments throughout the evening! Silent Auction and Raffle winners will be announced at 7:30 pm.