Group Training

SLC Strength & Conditioning’s Core Values

Every single class is programmed with all our core values in mind:

  • Injury Prevention
  • Full Body & Core Strength
  • Functional Movement
  • Joint Stability & Bone Health

You will be guided through each workout by one of our expert coaches and any progressions or modifications will be given as needed. Our classes are designed to play to any fitness level, age group, or experience level.

Motivation and a Support Network

Group Training is a great way to stay motivated and build a network with people that have the same interests as you.

Because of the interactive, partner oriented nature of many of our classes, the culture of our gym is personable, and it’s common for our members and staff to work together beyond classes, especially during our coached open hours.

An Educated Approach to Your Training

It is recommended that you attend 3-4 Group Training classes per week for optimal results. All of our classes are created and scheduled with optimal progression in mind to ensure individual success amongst all of our clients and to prevent the occurrence of injury or plateauing.

For more information regarding each type of class we offer, please see below, contact us, or call us @ 801.810.0373.

Group Training & Fitness Classes:

Strength & Conditioning

Emphasis on building and maintaining strength and body composition. Each class is programmed with all of the SLC Strength & Conditioning core values.

Olympic & Powerlifting (O&P)

This is an optional training choice that will be incorporated into our traditional Strength & Conditioning and have higher emphasis on multi joint movement centered around Olympic and Powerlifting.

Metabolic Circuit

Emphasis on high intensity conditioning that will improve your cardio and endurance with low impact movement. Optional O&P modifications are offered with our metabolic circuits, as well.

Unconventional Training

Your new Saturday morning routine. This fun, high energy, non-traditional training will utilize kettlebells, sledgehammers, sleds, tires, and more, and will have emphasis on functional fitness, strength, and cardio.

Low-Impact Strength & Conditioning

This class is geared toward individuals looking for joint stability, improved bone health, and increased functional movement. This type of training is ideal for individuals recovering from an injury or older individuals looking to improve and maintain their quality of life.

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If group training isn’t for you, personal training might be more suitable. Check out what SLC Strength & Conditioning can do for you on a more personal and customizable level.