Programming & Training

Our coaching staff, in-house programming, and dedicated community makes training at SLC Strength & Conditioning an experience unlike any other in the state of Utah. Whether you have goals to enhance your sport, hobby, or overall health and wellness, we can help you accomplish it.

The combination of our elite level programming and coaching staff allows us to ensure a safe and effective training environment by providing modifications and progressions in line with the muscle groups being worked so that all members have a great experience.


  • All workouts are designed with an overarching program in mind (i.e. each workout builds off of the other. )
  • The program, itself, is formatted similar to what you’d see at the collegiate and professional athletic level and applied it in a setting that is accessible to all.
  • All workouts have full-body emphasis to correct any muscular imbalances and prevent any from occurring.
  • Each workout incorporates 12+ different exercises, providing variety and balance, mitigating short term and long term risk for injury.
  • Scientifically backed with the incorporation of several different training systems including: Tier, Triphasic, Undulating and Auto-regulation.

Although our coaching staff and programming is a huge part of what makes us unique, our  incredible community members provide a friendly and supportive environment, free of judgment.

For more information, please visit our Group Training, Personal Training, and Coached Open Hours pages. Please Contact us to answer any additional questions!