Category: Current Training Phase

Current Training Phase (January 2023)

Block I – Accumulation Block I, running from January 2nd –20th, is focused on an accumulation of volume by the end of the 3-week period. This process will involve increasing the volume weekly, while keeping the load the same or slightly increased for accessory movements. This allows the body to adapt to the previous week’s… Read more »

Current Training Phase (December 2022)

Block XIII- Peak & Taper  Running from November 28th-December 23rd, Block XIII will conclude the off-season training for our winter sports & activities. Intensity will be the highest as we peak, or test, during the week of December 5th. For more accurate results, it is recommended that members only test if they have been consistently… Read more »

Current Training Phase (November 2022)

Training Block XXI – Specificity Throughout deload week we implemented a decrease in intensity and volume to allow the body to adapt and recover from the previous block while also preparing for the following phase.  As we enter Block XII, the programming will be more selective to exercises that prepare our bodies for the demands… Read more »

Continuing to Build Our Foundation  As a continuation of our previous block, Block XI focuses on building the foundation of our offseason program. This block will seem fairly general as we continue to progress movements from Block X and prepare for the winter season. You will notice an increase in intensity of our main movements while… Read more »

Current Training Phase (September 2022)

Returning to Full Range of Motion Block X is about returning to full range of motion (ROM) and general physical preparedness (GPP).  Returning to full ROM in all main exercises encourages our bodies to elicit adaptations from the stretch-shortening cycle. Reintroducing GPP into the programming, with regressed movements, will build a foundation for future blocks.  Throughout this 8-week phase, our main movements… Read more »

Limiting Range of Motion Through Pin placements Throughout Block IX, we will be limiting ROM (range of motion) with strategic pin placements while continuing our PAP (post-activation potentiation) through full range accessory movements. To decrease ROM during squats, safety pins should be set to where the start position is a half-squat. For bench presses, the safety pins… Read more »

Muscular Hypertrophy Through Isometrics Throughout Block VII, a three-week block running from June 13-July 1, our primary objective was muscular hypertrophy through an increase in time under tension via longer eccentric tempos (i.e. 5 second negative) or higher number of sets and reps (i.e. 4×6, 3×10, 3×12, etc.). In Block VIII, a second three-week block… Read more »

Max Testing Week (May 30th – June 4th) You may have heard us in class talking about what percentage of weight you should be lifting. If you’ve never paid attention to this before, now is the time! Knowing what your one-rep max (1RM) helps you become more refined and accurate in your training program.  During this test… Read more »

Post-Activation Potentiation and Test Week Throughout the current block, we’ve worked with what I call the seesaw method, varying high and low intensity sets and differing volume, to help prepare the body for our next block (Block VI) containing higher intensity (>85%) exercises followed by a biomechanically similar plyometric movement to have a post-activation potentiation… Read more »

Deload Week and The Seesaw Method As our current training phase ends, it’s time to deload (April 4-8). Throughout the deload week, volume and intensity will decrease allowing the body to recover and adapt to the previous block while preparing for the next block of training. It is crucial during deload week to take a… Read more »