Survey Results!

Survey Comments & SLC Strength Responses

General Questions/comments (class times etc.)-

  1. For me, 5:30 am is a little too early, but 7:00 am is a little late to get to work. I wish there was a class at 6:00am or 6:30am, but I know that would make it hard to have two classes in the morning.
  2. Maybe more standard classes offered on Saturday and Sunday, aside from the unconventional training?
  3. 6:15 am class or a 5:15 pm class.
  4. 5:30 pm
  5. 7:30 or 9:30 rather than 8:30
  6. Earlier Saturday classes!
  7. Saturday 7 am for unconventional training. It could be 45 minutes so as not to disrupt the current schedule.
  8. I like the 5:30 class, though what about abs or something else right at 6:30 for 30 min?

SLC Strength Response:

We greatly appreciate the feedback regarding class times that would work better with your schedules! As we get more members and class participation rates increase, we will look into offering overlapping classes in the morning. In the meantime, if an off class time works best for your schedule, we highly recommend coming in to get a head start on the workout for the day during the Coached Open Hours time 30 min before or after the classes. Feel free to do the last half of the workout first and catch the first half with the class or vice versa.  If you have any logistical questions or would like a different suggestion, please don’t hesitate to reach out as we are happy to assist with your workouts any time!

Lunch Hour Class Times-

  1. Would love a lunch class
  2. Would love a lunch hour class
  3. I would love a lunch hour class, but location of my work doesn’t make it possible for me to attend
  4. Lunch hour class: It would have to be when I am off but unfortunately, I do not have a set scheduling to give exact times.
  5. Lunch hour class: Not right now since I work farther away but if I worked closer, then yes!
  6. Lunch hour class: Monday-Friday. Would also allow for me to potentially attend a morning or afternoon yoga class
  7. Lunch hour class: Wednesdays and Fridays 12 or 1
  8. Weekend lunch or afternoon
  9. M-F 1:00 pm
  10. Could be a good idea, but just can’t bc of work.
  11. Monday, Tuesday, Friday 11-4

SLC Strength Response:

We had a lot of interest on a lunch hour class, but time requests and dates were mixed. In an attempt to learn what times will work best for the majority, we’re launching a less structured class option during lunch: Train w/Coaches over Lunch! Stop in for 30 minutes or an hour during Coached Open Hours anywhere from 11:30-1:30!, this class will be less structured than our regularly scheduled classes as you’ll be training with the coaches instead of being led. Don’t worry, we’ll still be watching form and technique and provide instruction as needed, but we’re going to be working up a sweat together! Dependent on participation rates, we’ll look into launching a more formal lunch hour class! This will just help us gauge participation and most attended times.


  1. Yoga on a weekday after 6
  2. 11 am on Saturday
  3. 3:30 pm or 4 pm maybe 2 other times, other than what’s offered on Friday
  4. 5:30 J
  5. In time I’d love a possible 11 am once in a while on Saturday
  6. I would like more yoga options, but I am really not sure if I could even attend with my schedule. So I am not the best person to say what times yoga should be offered.
  7. After the 6:30 pm classes or more on the weekend
  8. After 6
  9. More classes on weekdays would be cool, hopefully between the end of the 5 class and the start of the 6:30 class
  10. Sunday 9 or 9:30 would be easier to work into a weekend schedule
  11. I am interested in yoga but with obligations for parenting, don’t have time to both work out and yoga
  12. Mornings for yoga
  13. Yoga in the evenings and Saturday
  14. Yoga Wednesday morning, Friday morning
  15. I would like a morning options for yoga but that may interfere with the S&C classes
  16. I don’t really like yoga. But if you added a 30 min abs class I would come to that
  17. 4 pm yoga
  18. 5:30 pm yoga
  19. Early Saturday morning (7am)
  20. Sunday 9 or 9:30
  21. Another hour long yoga class (not Sunday)

SLC Strength Response:

As you can see we got a lot of requests to have more yoga classes offered in the morning and evening and some more options over the weekend. Due to the high demand, we will be launching a new class called Recovery & Mobility in January. Although this class isn’t technically yoga, we recognize that we aren’t quite hitting the mark with enough emphasis on stretching and muscular release and we feel this class will aid drastically with that and help improve your overall success with your fitness goals.  The addition of this class in the schedule, will be much more accessible and will likely be offered several times throughout the morning and evening and we’ll keep yoga on the weekends for our yogis out there. More details to come in December.

Recovery & Mobility will have emphasis on proper stretching techniques that will help with overall mobility and keep those pesky cramps and aches at bay that we often see with muscle development and soreness. This class is intended to compliment the workouts throughout the week and will have similarities of yoga as far as some movement and flow go but will allow us to customize more and address more muscle groups where applicable. Stay tuned for more information on scheduling as we get closer to the New Year!

Goal Setting-

  1. I think I need to set some fitness goals for myself to stay engaged
  2. Help me set some goals
  3. I think it would be nice to have some sort of goal-setting with a coach as a way to help keep me motivated and working toward something.

SLC Strength Response:

We do already and currently offer goal setting consultations and functional movement assessments for all active members as a complimentary service. It is with our sincerest apologies that we have slacked on conveying that information clearly to everyone until now. This has definitely been on our list of things to do since opening 10 months ago (can you believe it!?) and, as a result, we’ve added information about goal setting and functional movement assessments to our website, improved our new member communications to include this information in emails and also highlighted this as dialogue for our coaches to use when approaching members about their needs.

If you’re interested in a Functional Movement Assessment or Goal Setting, please schedule a time with one of our coaches, directly, to do one or both and we’ll do our best to ensure your needs are met!

Music Requests-

  1. I feel like the music is really poppy and very monotonous. Would love to hear more dubstep, metal, and classic hip hop. I think using Spotify playlists would help big time. Maybe make a survey of what people want to listen to.
  2. Less Katy Perry, more oldies
  3. More music, seems like the same stuff always playing
  4. Love the gym, you guys are killing it. Only think I would suggest is improving the music. It does not motivate me, while I think music can be very motivating.
  5. Prince and Michael Jackson to playlists.

SLC Strength Response:

We are currently testing Apple Music, Spotify, and Pandora to see which would be the best fit for SLC Strength! We understand and realize the importance of music and the role it plays in your workout so we’ll keep you posted!


  1. The only request I have is a deadlift jack.

SLC Strength Response:

We have other options that will assist with unloading and reloading the bar when doing deadlifts, please ask a coach next time you’re in!

  1. An open floor for Olympic Lifts would help if the weights need to be dropped this would be better.

SLC Strength Response:

The functionality and purpose of the platforms is to absorb heavy weight and should be used to do so when bailing your Olympic lifts. Please ask a coach for assistance and/or additional guidance next time you’re in!

Possibly keep the gym open until 8:30 pm

SLC Strength Response:

Due to low participation rates late in the evening, we won’t be extending our hours at this time, however, if there is more interest in later workouts, we will definitely consider this in the future.

  1. I would consider using Coached Open Hours if there was a TV in front of the bikes/treadmill/elliptical

SLC Strength Response:

We have free wifi! Please feel free to bring in a tablet and stream your favorite tv shows while using the treadmills, ellipticals, bikes etc.

I like my coaches that stay in the same classes. I know sometimes that isn’t possible but I really appreciate that.

SLC Strength Response:

Thank you for the feedback! We do try and keep our schedule as regular as possible with our coaches. October was a very crazy month with vacations etc. and we apologize for any scheduling mix-ups with the coaches. We do not anticipate too many schedule changes going forward and we appreciate your patience with this!