Current Training Phase (September 2022)

Returning to Full Range of Motion

Block X is about returning to full range of motion (ROM) and general physical preparedness (GPP). 

Returning to full ROM in all main exercises encourages our bodies to elicit adaptations from the stretch-shortening cycle. Reintroducing GPP into the programming, with regressed movements, will build a foundation for future blocks. 

Throughout this 8-week phase, our main movements will combine full ROM and higher intensity at a lower volume. Then, we will increase volume for our accessory movements, every two weeks, to account for weakness or imbalances created throughout our summer activities. 

All of this foundational programming is an important precursor to your winter sports or activities.  Consistent training for 12-16 weeks prior to seasonal activities decreases your chance of non-contact injuries and improves your performance. Don’t wait to train for your winter sports! 

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