Current Training Phase (October 2022)

Continuing to Build Our Foundation

 As a continuation of our previous block, Block XI focuses on building the foundation of our offseason program. This block will seem fairly general as we continue to progress movements from Block X and prepare for the winter season. You will notice an increase in intensity of our main movements while simultaneously decreasing volume weekly or biweekly. Accessory exercises will also decrease in volume accordingly. 

This 8-week phase and the next training block are crucial for enduring the impact of various winter sports. As we approach December, we’ll increase frontal and transverse movements to help prepare for torsion or twisting involved in skiing and snowboarding. The focus is to develop muscular strength and tendon tensile strength, or, tendon elasticity. 

Block XI will come to an end on October 21st, followed by de-load week October 24th – 28th. As always, de-loading allows the body to adapt to stressors of this phase while also allowing time to recover and prepare for the next block of training.

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