Current Training Phase (November 2022)

Training Block XXI – Specificity

Throughout deload week we implemented a decrease in intensity and volume to allow the body to adapt and recover from the previous block while also preparing for the following phase. 

As we enter Block XII, the programming will be more selective to exercises that prepare our bodies for the demands of upcoming winter activities. The focus will include the frontal/transverse plane as well as strengthening the posterior chain, hip flexors and adductors. Expect intensity and load levels to remain high, but not increase, until we begin decreasing volume. The decrease in volume will lead into the week of December 5th, when we will test our squat, bench, and deadlifts. All of this ensures that we are continuing to increase strength and rate of force production, peaking near the start of the season.

As always, rest and recovery are imperative. By taking time to recover between reps or sets, you are allowing your body to execute higher quality movements. By practicing this patience now, you will see improvements and be thanking us later! It’s also important to pay attention to bodily cues while lifting. If you notice you’re not completing every rep or your form is breaking down, it is best to decrease weight. Alternatively, if you complete every rep and feel you could easily do 2-3 more, increase your weight. Our goal is not to beat you down or tire you out but rather to train with a purpose and build you up.


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