August Newsletter (2023)

Happy August everyone. 

Please read on for important updates coming up.

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Coach Assessment Survey

Current Training Phase

Facility Updates

In Case You Missed It : Importance of Training During Your In-Season

Coach Assessments

We want to hear about your experience with our coaches! It has been a while since we asked for your feedback, and in that time, we have gained some new team members. This survey should only take a few minutes of your time and the answers are anonymous. 

We greatly appreciate your input on what we’re doing right and how we can improve. 

We will collect answers until Aug 31st

Current Training Phase

Summer Series Workout Block 

July 3rd –  September 3rd

  The emphasis for this training block is to utilize our increased strength, from the previous block, and focus on power output, more effective movement, and continue to build strength. Programming is influenced by velocity-based training, triphasic training, the tier system, and the conjugate system of periodization.  

While performing major lifts we are moving the weight as fast as possible and reviewing great form and technique. You will see coaches using the PUSH system to measure how fast you can move the bar in real-time. Coaches will mention the goal of moving the bar 1 meter per second which is the true, dynamic speed that allows you to apply force against an object with more speed. This variation of training has been shown to help you run faster, jump higher, and cycle faster for an extended period of time(1,2,5). Adding this element of speed also stimulates muscles and the neurological system, evoking a higher degree of work which leads to an increase in strength(3,4,5). Additionally, you will notice the incorporation of high-level plyometrics, jumping, sprinting, and lateral jumping.  

Accessory lifts will have an emphasis on muscle hypertrophy building of lean body mass. No, this does not mean we are bodybuilding! Building lean body mass is vital throughout the aging process because if we do not stimulate muscle, we lose it. This is called sarcopenia. Building muscle is also an essential part of fat loss as muscle feeds on fat.  

When we integrate training systems beyond simply lifting heavy weights, we’re playing the long game. We can continue to build strength, speed, and endurance while supporting our bodies through day-to-day and other activities.  


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Facility Updates

Big shout out to everyone for your patience this summer with the construction constraints and A/C repairs. We can’t thank you enough.

We have been in communication with engineers and contractors regarding our main parking lot and the good news is that we are getting a fresh, new lot! The unfortunate news is that this process is projected to take 3-4 months and will limit parking lot use. We will continue to update you with details, as we are notified by the project manager.

When parking becomes limited, we encourage you to utilize our lower lot behind the building. We also have permission to park at Walgreens, in their north-facing parking spots.

We appreciate your support while we navigate the next few months!

Importance of Continuing Your Strength & Conditioning Training During Your In-Season

With transition in weather comes the transition in our seasonal sports and activities. Running, cycling, hiking, skiing, or boarding are great ways to train outside of the gym but it’s important to remember that consistently training in the gym will mitigate injury and improve your performance.  

Our objectives in the weight room are to (1) strengthen and balance the muscles, ligaments, and tendons so they can adequately handle the stressors of acceleration, deceleration, and change of direction against varying external forces (i.e., ground, snow, water, air, bike pedals, mountain sides, etc.) without breaking down or tearing, and (2) build stamina and endurance to ensure our body can endure repeated stressors for a duration of time. 

Fun Fact: The glutes, hamstrings, and hip adductors are the primary supporters of the knees and ankles, and produce the most force in acceleration, deceleration, and change of direction. Unfortunately, these muscles are generally not primary muscles worked in sports and are therefore neglected and underdeveloped. This imbalance will eventually lead to performance plateau and decline—if an injury doesn’t occur first! (5,6)