March Newsletter (2024)

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Current Training Phase

Utilize Your Insurance Benefits

Team & Hours Update

Current Training Phase

Summer Prep

It may not seem like it with the weather lately, but it’s time to start our summer prep. This next phase of training will build off our new strength and power gains from the previous phase. To prep for summer activities, we will be working on muscle hypertrophy (aka building muscle) to build our bodies up to handle the stress of those activities and we’ll work on body composition. Also, we will be building work capacity to be able to handle repeated bouts of stress. This includes weight room activities, finishing up winter activities, and, for many of you, beginning summer training for running, hiking, and cycling.   

During this training phase you will notice the regression of your squat and bench press lifts, decreasing weight and increasing reps, to better focus on form and mechanics. To correct or redirect faults in our form, we will create more unilateral balance and strengthen weak points, such as deceleration and re-acceleration. While we regress some lifts, we will work on deadlift progression with an increase in weight. Working heavier deadlifts, during this phase, will keep up peak strength, increase power input, and limits  additional strain on the knees. 

Goals for this upcoming block:

  • Body composition: “If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good.” Deion Sanders
    • We need additional muscle fibers and low fat mass to endure increased stress from summer activities. This increases performance and mitigates injury. 
  • Improve work capacity to apply force for a period and re-apply it.
    • This is crucial for any runners, cyclists, triathletes or other movement based sports. Being able to maintain a high level of force output for an extended period of time will directly improve your performance. 
  • Contrast Training
    • Different ways to increase strength and power, using the method of high stress to medium stress to low stress. AKA French Contrast. (8) 
  • Muscle hypertrophy
    • Increasing muscle mass decreases body fat, increases blood flow, decreases chance of injury, and aids in our ability to continue moving well as we age.

Utilize Your Insurance Benefits

Did you know some insurance plans offer rewards or reimbursements for gym memberships? While we do not participate in insurance programs, there are often options where you can track activities or submit payment receipts for credit.  We encourage you to review your plan or contact your insurance to see what they offer.  


Goodbye Derek

We’ve enjoyed having Derek coach with us and have appreciated his contribution to our youth classes and team training. We wish him all the best in his future ventures. He will be missed!

Saturday Hours

After consideration and in an effort to adjust to our team of 3 coaches, we have changed our Saturday Hours. Starting March 16th, Saturday hours will be 7:30am – 1:30pm. Please plan accordingly to attend coached open hours.