Community Announcement: Salt Lake Education Foundation-Family Support

Recently, we hosted our official grand opening and partnered with Food for Performance so we could help our community and, more specifically, our youth in need. What an amazing event! The day kicked off with high energy and started out with our Unconventional Training classes that morning, Deadlifts & Donuts in the afternoon leading up to the reception and silent auction that evening. It was so fun seeing everyone in their “street clothes” and hanging out while we all came together to support a great cause. 

Between Deadlifts & Donuts, the raffle, silent auction, and your participation and generous donations, it is our pleasure to announce that we raised $1,890 and 100% of the proceeds will benefit underprivileged youth athletes within our community. 

Enough funds were raised to sponsor FIVE athletes giving these individuals the opportunity to remain competitive and train at an elite facility and also provide them with a safe and positive place to go; and the remaining $1000 will go to the Salt Lake Education Foundation-Family Support which will greatly assist with efforts at East High School and Highland High School. Efforts consist of provisions for healthy food, clothing, and hygiene accommodations

Tom, founder of Food for Performance was able to organize a tour of East High School’s Student Family and Support center for students and families within the community. To say the least, words simply aren’t enough to express how humbling and impactful this experience was. We got to tour the food pantry and storage, the Leopard Boutique (clothing, shoes, other essentials etc.), shower and laundry facilities, and the hygiene supply closet—it was amazing! As we were touring the food pantry, we received the statistic that 60-70% of students are either homeless or without stable living conditions, or do not have the means or access to adequate nutrition, hygiene essentials, or clothing. You can imagine the whirlwind of emotion we experienced upon receiving that information. How is it that this is so prevalent, yet not many people know about it?

The services (pictured) the East High School Student and Family Support Center coordinate, manage, and offer, alleviate some of that burden for these students and families so they can focus on school and be a little less stressed about where their next meal will be coming from or how they are going to stay clean and healthy, have clothes to wear to school etc. We are beyond grateful that this exist and look forward to helping it continue to provide for these impacted students and families and hope to see more of these efforts implemented in other middle schools and high schools within our community.

Approximately 50-100 kids and their families will come through this facility, per day and the $1,000 raised with all of your help will be going toward anything needed or in short supply for these students and their families. THANK YOU to our vendors who donated goods or services to our Silent Auction and Raffle and to our amazing SLC Strength & Conditioning Community who have supported this cause with us, this simply wouldn’t be possible without you!

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