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July Newsletter

*|MC:SUBJECT|* *|MC_PREVIEW_TEXT|* JULY NEWSLETTER Happy July SLC S&C! We hope you’re all having an excellent summer so far! Please read on for important updates this month. In this newsletter: July 4th Hrs & Gym Closure Staff weekend 7/8-7/10 Current Training Phase 1RM Testing Deload Week New Class Structure Feedback requested!  New Youth Class Time Moving from… Read more »

12- Week Phase Overview: Jan, 2022

A birds-eye view of this 12-week phase shows four 3-week blocks. Blocks I and III will be accumulation blocks whereas blocks II and IV will be intensification blocks. Our three resistance training days (Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday) are structured according to how taxing each day, and its encompassing exercises, are to the central nervous system…. Read more »

In-Depth Article Review (2)

Tyler Jaso ELECTROMYOGRAPHY COMPARISION OF SEX DIFFERENCES DURING THE BACK SQUAT “Which muscles are activating/signaling more throughout the movement of the back squat” INTRODUCTION: Electromyography is a measurement of electrical activity within the muscle tissue of the human body The back squat being performed in this study is a multi-joint lower body push movement This… Read more »

In-Depth Article Review (1)


Reading a Lifting Card: The Main Components of the Format, What to Know About Each Area, and How to Simplify the Card Reading a Lifting Card: Giant Sets, Accessory Work, and Where to Adjust the Program Reading a Lifting Card:  Accessory Work, and Where to Adjust the Program Reading a Lifting Card:… Read more »

Tomorrow marks the end of three very long months for many, if not all, of us. As we enter the fourth month, of what might be considered our new normal for some time to come, we wanted to reach out and provide some updates with respect to the Continuation of Remote Services (Programming & Virtual… Read more »

Recent updates from our state and county have indicated that we can open the facility for appointment-based services beginning at the end of this week. With that, we’re happy to announce that we will be opening facility-based operations this coming Saturday, May 2 with high confidence that we can implement all social distancing and sanitization… Read more »

Updated 4/12/20 There have been several developments with our state and county guidance over the weekend and we’re reaching out to provide important information on how this new guidance will impact SLC Strength & Conditioning operations. Please understand that the following decision was not made lightly and is in direct compliance with our government’s guidelines…. Read more »

COVID-19 SLC S&C Operations Update

In an attempt to provide regular and accurate communications during this COVID 19 crisis, we have some updates that are pertinent to continued business operations. Please read this entire email and let us know if you have any questions, concerns, or comments — we’re happy to talk! As most of you have likely seen/heard, our… Read more »

Considering recent media coverage on COVID 19, we wanted to push out communications to everyone to (a) address applicable questions or concerns many of you have surrounding gym operation and accessibility, (b) ensure you all understand the measures that we’re taking to prevent the contraction/spread of all highly contagious illnesses (i.e., viruses including the many… Read more »