COVID-19 SLC S&C Operations Update

In an attempt to provide regular and accurate communications during this COVID 19 crisis, we have some updates that are pertinent to continued business operations. Please read this entire email and let us know if you have any questions, concerns, or comments — we’re happy to talk!

As most of you have likely seen/heard, our government has issued new guidance for businesses in the Salt Lake area. As a business providing a service to the community, our continued priority is our members and staff health and safety, while still adhering to federal, state, and county guidance on the development of COVID 19.

The latest guidance for service-based businesses is stated as follows and is effective March 16 at 11:00 pm:

After much thought, consideration, and several conversations with government officials and our staff surrounding this crisis, we have carefully decided to proceed with the following:

SLC Strength & Conditioning will remain open (with normal operating hours) with the implementation of strict measures to ensure social distancing with class size limitations and Coached Open Hours access (see SOCIAL DISTANCING MEASURES below for details).

Though we are deeply apologetic and saddened by the state of things, we felt it would be a disservice to our community (i.e. all our wonderful members and coaches) to completely shut down operations at this time. We are confident that our preventative measures and sanitization practices are exceptional and will continue to implement those at an extremely high frequency. With that, please ensure that you have read and understand the information provided in our Health Update ( and for specifics on whether you should attend the gym or not.

We will continue to monitor the situation closely and push communications with any changes, as necessary.


  • SLC Strength & Conditioning will remain open with normal operating hours for the time being.
    • Class schedule will be the same, however, class sizes will be limited to FIVE people with measures to ensure there is six feet of separation between individuals throughout the class. These will remain coach led.
    • Coached Open Hours will be limited to 11:30 am – 3:00 pm (time slots will be available for reservation so we can ensure safe social distancing measures are maintained.)
  • The downstairs is reserved for Personal Training clients and is not to be accessed unless with a coach.
  • We are limiting access to members only in that Drop-ins and new 7-day trials will not be permitted, per coach’s discretion, beginning tomorrow and until further notice.

What this means for you…

**If you need additional assistance with this, please contact us and we can help!**


Alternatively and as an additional measure to aid in social distancing efforts, we have made Remote Programming available to all members! This can be accessed through our website here:

You should have received the password to access this in your email–if you did not, please reach out and we can get that to you.

If you’re unable to access the program via our website, please email us at and we can get that sent out.

NOTE: The remote programs provided through the website are for body weight exercises for those that do not have access to equipment. With this remote programming, please be mindful of your body and do not execute anything high risk (with household items or in unsafe areas) due to increased injury potential. Please consult with a coach if you have any questions.

If you’d like a program that uses equipment, please refer to the program on the Zen Planner Member’s App (instructions provided above).

We are very thankful for everyone’s support through this challenging time and appreciate your patience—we are truly doing our best to continue to provide the exemplary service we always have in the safest way. Needless to say, we look forward to returning back to regular operations (along with everyone else!)

Stay positive and keep on keeping on! We’re all in this together!