SLC S&C – Facility Opening 5/2 with Restrictions

Recent updates from our state and county have indicated that we can open the facility for appointment-based services beginning at the end of this week. With that, we’re happy to announce that we will be opening facility-based operations this coming Saturday, May 2 with high confidence that we can implement all social distancing and sanitization measures set forth by the state/county to keep all members and staff safe during this time and going forward.

We understand that there are going to be mixed emotions surrounding this decision which is why we’d like to reiterate that the continued safety of all staff and members is of the highest concern and we did not make this decision lightly.

Please read this entire email as we’ll be covering important information on changes to facility operations, participation guidelines, and details on the continuation of remote services.


Effective, Saturday, May 2, SLC Strength & Conditioning will open with normal operating hours 5:00 am – 9:00 pm.

Class schedule will be mostly the same, except for the 5:00 am class and 7:00 pm youth class will be cancelled for now. Class sizes will be limited to the following:

  • Saturdays: SIXTEEN people
    • 11:30 am Youth Athletic Performance: FIVE people
  • Monday-Friday: TWELVE people (with possibility to increase the cap to sixteen in the coming weeks, dependent on how things go)
    • 6:00 pm Low Impact: EIGHT people (downstairs only-please enter through the basement door)
  • Sunday 11:30 am Yoga: SIX people

 *Zen Planner has been updated to reflect these reservation availability numbers.

Measures to ensure there is TEN feet of separation between individuals throughout the class have been implemented and these will remain coach led.

NOTE: We have physically measured out and marked each space to ensure that there is definitely ten feet of separation and have built out programming to facilitate a more stationary approach to accommodate accordingly (more information and logistics can be found under Participation Guidelines below).

Coached Open Hours will be limited to 11:15 am – 3:15 pm (one-hour time slots will be available for reservation so we can ensure safe social distancing measures are maintained.) Time slots reserved during Coached Open Hours will not be formally led by a coach, however, coaches will be available to answer questions about the current programming. In addition, attendance will be limited to SIX people per hour, and only in-house programming will be permitted.

The downstairs will be reserved for Personal Training clients and is not to be accessed unless with a coach (PT clients, expect communications from your coach soon, if they haven’t already reached out to you).

Lastly, we are limiting access to members only in that Drop-ins and 7-day trials will not be permitted, until further notice.

What this means for you…

You must reserve your Class or Coached Open Hours time slot using our Zen Planner Member’s App or Member Portal. If you’re unable to attend a reserved time slot, please ensure it is cancelled at least 24 hours in advance to give others an opportunity to participate in your place.

If you do not reserve your time and the class or time slot is at the twelve-person capacity, we will have to turn you away.

We also ask that if you’re able to be flexible with your class time attendance, please do so. Increasing the class attendance cap should allow for the majority of you to come in and get a good workout, based off previous daily averages.

**If you need additional assistance with this, please contact us and we can help!**


Adhering to the following guidelines is mandatory and will require the full and active participation from all staff and members to ensure the guidelines are met all times, no exceptions.

  • All individuals that enter the facility must be asymptomatic and wear a mask or face covering when not working out.
    • All coaches are required to check and log their temperature prior to each shift and members are encouraged to check their temperature prior to coming to the gym.
    • All coaches and members are required to wear a mask or face covering (i.e. bandana, neck gator, shirt wrap, etc.) when entering the facility. Specifically, members must have this for entrance into the facility and then may be removed when working out, after reaching designated workout area. Staff must always wear a mask.
      • Unfortunately, we are unable to provide these currently, so please plan accordingly.
  • All individuals must maintain, at minimum, a six-foot distance between one another.
    • Designated, pre-measured areas (at 10 ft.), will be identified on the turf, platforms, and other weight room areas. Upon entering the facility, you’ll be instructed on where to go.
  • Washing of hands and/or use of hand sanitizer is required prior to class participation.
    • We will be propping the doors open and kiosk use will be unavailable to assist with as little contact to enter the facility as possible.
    • Avoid touching mouth and face while working out. Towels will continue to be available.
  • Disinfectant spray and additional towel will be provided for everyone to sanitize used equipment prior to transitioning to a different station and after the workout concludes.
    • Programming will be done in a way that mitigates sharing of equipment with minimal transitions.
  • Listen to and respect coaching staff and their direction, specifically with weight guidance.
    • Many of us have not been lifting weights at the same capacity for the last month, so we will have to ease back into things to avoid injury. Fortunately, we’ve built out the program to accommodate this, but please keep in mind that we will not be jumping right back into the weight we were using back in March—we’ll build back up, safely, and will be there soon enough.
  • Limit the belongings that you bring to the gym with you.
    • If you do bring anything with you, please do not leave any valuables in your vehicle as our parking lot has been targeted in the past and we’ve had several cars broken into over the years.


For those of you who would prefer to hold off on class attendance for the time being, we will be continuing with the Remote Programming (planning to continue up to 12 weeks and will re-evaluate mid-June) and Virtual Personal Training.

Virtual Classes will be discontinued while facility operations are available. Unfortunately, we’re unable to staff both the virtual classes and regular facility operations at the same time. We do, however, feel the increase in class attendance from five to twelve will help in giving people continued access to the facility and coaches.

Final thoughts…

Given the rapidly changing landscape that we’re in with this crisis, please note that we will be monitoring day to day operations very closely and will make any changes, as necessary, to ensure your continued safety in our facility. You can expect continued and regular communications should any changes need to take place.

Thank you for hanging in there with us! We’re really looking forward to seeing everyone—the gym just really isn’t the same without you all.


SLC Strength Staff