A Letter From Tyler & Lexi

SLC Strength Community,

We would like to begin by saying that all of you have truly made this gym the environment it is today. The atmosphere that you all have created has been second to none when it comes to the love and joy we have when training you all each day. Our time spent with you all has truly shaped us more into the individuals we are now and will continue to be. I can’t thank you all enough for bringing peace and positivity into our lives each hour you spend with us training and socializing. With that being said, it brings us great sadness to share with you all that September 20th of this year will be our last day at SLC Strength and Conditioning.

We both remember back to when we originally started and how much has changed since then for the better. This facility has been our second home and we honestly feel like that will never change. We are delighted to know that we will be able to come back and spend time at the facility when possible and see you all again very soon.

We thank SLC Strength and Conditioning for connecting us with so many amazing, hard working people. Having the pleasure to coach and work with such a talented and fun coaching staff has made this experience unforgettable. We want to continuously thank each of the members for making this journey so impactful and memorable. We appreciate your support during this transition and would like nothing more than to finish these last few weeks out on a good note before we enter into the next chapter of our lives together.

If we could leave one thing with you all it would be this:

Keep training hard. Keep training smart. Keep training safely. Remember that SLC Strength and Conditioning was created to give you the best coaches, training, and atmosphere possible. Don’t ever forget the sweat sessions, laughing fits, and tear-filled talks that we might have shared with you along the way. Keep bringing the energy during these difficult times and know that the staff will always be there on days you need a pick-me-up. Don’t ever stop looking for ways to become better, don’t ever stop looking forward towards the process each day, and don’t ever stop being a light for others on days your group needs a go-getter. There will sometimes be days where training isn’t as easy or life gets in the way of your normal training routine, but know that whatever time you do come in to train, the staff at SLC Strength is ready for you and your goals. To all the classes, morning and evening, we appreciate your dedication and commitment to the grind. To all of our clients we had the pleasure of working with over the years, we thank you for the one hour each day we got to spend with you and be a part of your life. To the staff, there are no words that can summarize what it meant to be an SLC Strength staff member. This portion of our lives will always be cemented in the world of strength and conditioning at SLC Strength.

We would love to stay in contact with as many people as possible so don’t be afraid to reach out to us here in the next few weeks. We are looking forward to the remaining time we get to spend with you all and wish you all the best in your future endeavors as well.


Tyler and Lexi