SLC S&C Operations Reminders – November, 2020

In response to several communications from our government, local health department, and recent events, we wanted to send out communications surrounding our continued operations guidelines and practices to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 within our gym community. Since reopening the facility operations in May, and with the implementation of strict operating guidelines (using federal, state, and county guidance), we have been fortunate to have zero spread of COVID-19 within our gym community to date. With that, we are confident that these guidelines are effective and we will continue to implement and enforce these for the foreseeable future. 

We need your full participation, diligence, and compliance in continuing to follow our operating guidelines and policies so we can effectively continue to operate/workout without increased risk to members, staff, and our families. Please review all the information in this email at your earliest convenience and reach out with any questions or concerns. 

  • Participation Guidelines
  • Class Reservations and Cancellations
  • Available Remote Services 


Adhering to the following guidelines is mandatory and will require the full and active participation from all staff and members to ensure the guidelines are met all times, no exceptions.

  • All individuals that enter the facility must be asymptomatic and wear a mask or face covering when not working out or where 6 ft of distance cannot be maintained. 
    • This includes wearing a mask when entering/exiting the facility and when transitioning to different workout stations.
  • All individuals must maintain, at minimum, a six-foot distance between one another.
    • Designated, pre-measured areas (at 10 ft.), will be identified on the turf, platforms, and other weight room areas. Upon entering the facility, you’ll be instructed on where to go.
  • Washing of hands and/or use of hand sanitizer is required prior to class participation.
    • Avoid touching mouth and face while working out. Towels will continue to be available.
  • Disinfectant spray and additional towel will be provided for everyone to sanitize used equipment prior to transitioning to a different station and after the workout concludes.
    • We have gloves available for those that have sensitivities to the cleaning products in use. 
  • Listen to and respect coaching staff and their direction, specifically with weight guidance.
  • Limit the belongings that you bring to the gym with you.
    • If you do bring anything with you, please do not leave any valuables in your vehicle as our parking lot has been targeted in the past and we’ve had several cars broken into over the years.

Other safeguards that we have in place include mandatory staff symptom and temperature checks at the beginning of each shift and an upgraded air circulation system with installation of anti-viral filters to ensure that indoor use of our facility continues to be a safe space for working out. Additionally, measures to ensure there is TEN feet of separation between individuals throughout classes will continue to be enforced, hence class caps and mandatory reservations (see below), and we will continue to limit access to members only in that Drop-ins and 7-day trials will not be permitted–this is so we can ensure that all members have priority access in the classes and coached open hours time slots. 


You must reserve your Class or Coached Open Hours time slot using our Zen Planner Member’s App or Member Portal (via browser). If you’re unable to attend a reserved time slot, please ensure it is cancelled at least 24 hours in advance to give others an opportunity to participate in your place.

NOTE: Many of our busier classes have a waitlist. Please be extra mindful and considerate of this and cancel your reservation in advance if you’re unable to attend your reservation. 

If you do not reserve your time and the class or time slot is at capacity, we will have to turn you away. 

**If you need additional assistance with this, please contact us and we can help!**


Our in-house remote services are a great option if you’re quarantining or would like to a take a break from in-person training. We currently offer two tiers of Remote Programing: Phase I and Phase II and Virtual Personal Training (dependent on coach availability). For more information on the Phase I and II Remote Programming, please visit our website here: . For more information on Virtual Personal Training, please contact Kristy via reply email.

If you become sick or are exposed to COVID-19…

It is imperative that you follow all guidance provided to you by your healthcare providers and the health department and please do not come into the gym until you’re cleared to resume regular activity. When necessary, please contact us and we will place your account on a complimentary 14 day hold or get you set-up with remote programming that can be done during your quarantine. 
Thank you for your continued support as we all navigate through these challenging times together! 

Best,SLC Strength Staff