Vaccines and Gym Operations

Though vaccine administration is picking up, with many members still unvaccinated, we are unable to lift COVID restrictions just yet. Due to that, we are asking members to continue to be flexible with their workout times until we can alleviate our operating restrictions.

Knowing that most of our gym community will have the opportunity to be fully vaccinated by summer, we are working to create a phased operational approach that will allow a small increase in class sizes over the next several months. All federal, state, and county guidelines will continue to be followed in any operational changes and notice will be given to all members in advance of any changes being implemented.

To help us in determining the best approach and timing of changes, we will be sending out a short anonymous survey to gather information specific to our member base, and your participation is very much appreciated! In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns about this, please reach out to Kristy at