Farewell Letters

From Sese:

From Kaly:

What’s up my SLC fam!

Man it’s been some amazing years here with you all. Who would have thought I was ever going to leave.

I am so grateful to get to meet and get to know each and every one of you guys. I am so sad to leave but we are moving onto our next adventure in Logan! I just want you guys to know I’ve enjoyed every moment as your coach and friend. I am going to miss this place and I will come visit as often as I can.

Let’s enjoy this last month together!


I cannot thank you all enough for welcoming both Marc and me to the SLC S&C family these past five months. I enjoyed getting to know each one of you and admire your dedication to your fitness and health! I will be taking away some fabulous memories and so much knowledge on strength training and what it takes to create an awesome community. We are sure to miss your friendly faces, the brutal bike sets, and (definitely won’t miss) Steve’s mini band warm-ups. We have loved making friends in every corner of the world, and a piece of our hearts will always be here in SLC. If you want to stay in touch, hit me up after class!

With love,