Current Training Phase (January 2023)

Block I – Accumulation

Block I, running from January 2nd –20th, is focused on an accumulation of volume by the end of the 3-week period. This process will involve increasing the volume weekly, while keeping the load the same or slightly increased for accessory movements. This allows the body to adapt to the previous week’s intensity at a specific volume then subsequently execute that same intensity, or load, at an increased volume the following week.  

You will notice the exercises in this block are somewhat general, which is intentional. This is meant to prepare the body for the second half of the training phase through an increase in tendon stiffness and thickness, aerobic endurance, muscular endurance, and basic technique improvement. For our newer members, these shorter 3-week blocks will allow you to hit the ground running in the middle of a block without interruption or confusion. 

As we continue in-season programming for our many winter athletes, you’ll notice a continuation of moderate to high load percentages, 70%-90%, with our main movements. Keeping intensity on the higher end is essential to continue strengthening your body to endure the forces of a long and healthy ski season. We’ll communicate decreases in volume dependent on how your body is feeling to help decrease soreness and aid in recovery from your ski/snowboard sessions.  

As always, rest and recovery are imperative. Allow your body to fully recover between sets in order to maintain the highest quality. Making this a habit, or practice, is something so simple you can do to improve your training. Our objective is to train with a purpose and continue improving, not to tire you out with mindless workouts.  

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