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Nutrition Guidance at SLC S&C

Within the field of health and performance-based professionals, there are certified strength & conditioning specialists (CSCS), registered dietitians (RD), licensed physical therapists (PT), licensed athletic trainers (LAT), and mental health/cognitive performance practitioners. Among these professionals, there is some educational overlap that allows them to communicate or coordinate, but it is important to understand what is… Read more »

We get asked about this A LOT so, if this is something you’re interested in (or not) read on for some really great info!  Generally speaking, the goal of training is to develop your body so it can handle the stressors of life and the activities or sports you participate/compete with intent to increase strength and performance. More specifically, objectives in the weight room are to (1) strengthen and balance the muscles, ligaments, and tendons so… Read more »

Importance of Neck Training

In our next training phase you will see our coaches implementing neck training. Neck muscles are a vital part of head stability and movement. The Muscles of the neck help aid in movements of the neck and head, and stability of the head, (Thank you SLC Strength team for that ground breaking information!). The take… Read more »

Oh no- you accidentally unsubscribed yourself from our emails! Follow these easy steps to re-subscribe yourself. Open an old email you received from your gym. (Note: emails are sent from the email address []. If you are having trouble finding an old email, search your inbox for this email address!) Click the “Manage Email Preferences” link… Read more »

Lifting Etiquette

Whether you’ve been a long time member at SLC S&C or you’re brand new, we wanted to give you a little refresher on what we consider etiquette in the weight room. Attire Please wear a shirt while you’re training. No bare feet in the facility! You may workout in socks but please do not take… Read more »

Gym Rules

Our number one priority is your safety. Please do your part by following these rules while you’re in the facility to keep you and those around you safe! Uneven surfaces – Watch your step! Awareness of surroundings is required at all times while in gym Be respectful of your coaches and peers Lift and exercise responsibly… Read more »

In-Depth Article Review (2)

Tyler Jaso ELECTROMYOGRAPHY COMPARISION OF SEX DIFFERENCES DURING THE BACK SQUAT “Which muscles are activating/signaling more throughout the movement of the back squat” INTRODUCTION: Electromyography is a measurement of electrical activity within the muscle tissue of the human body The back squat being performed in this study is a multi-joint lower body push movement This… Read more »

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Reading a Lifting Card: The Main Components of the Format, What to Know About Each Area, and How to Simplify the Card Reading a Lifting Card: Giant Sets, Accessory Work, and Where to Adjust the Program Reading a Lifting Card:  Accessory Work, and Where to Adjust the Program Reading a Lifting Card:… Read more »

You know those days where time seems to be moving at hyperspeed and you end up hauling ass at 50mph down the road, just so you can make it to class 10 minutes late? What about those days where you just don’t feel like doing the warm-up so you just skip it completely or give… Read more »