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12- Week Phase Overview: Jan, 2022

A birds-eye view of this 12-week phase shows four 3-week blocks. Blocks I and III will be accumulation blocks whereas blocks II and IV will be intensification blocks. Our three resistance training days (Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday) are structured according to how taxing each day, and its encompassing exercises, are to the central nervous system…. Read more »

12-Week Phase (September-December 2021)

The current phase will include three 4-week blocks running from September 6-December 4. Block 1, September 6-October 1, will allow you to progress to submaximal singles in our main exercises while incorporating higher volume sets and longer periods of time under tension (TUT) for the accessory movements. This strategy will set a strong foundation and… Read more »

12-Week Training Phase (Current)

Educating our community about the why behind our programming is important to us. Below is a high level overview of our current 12-week phase of training outlining the focus and corresponding benefits. Week 1-3 Focus – Tempo Benefits – Increases deceleration strength, improves overall strength, increases lean body mass, and improves power output. Week 4-6 (We’re… Read more »

Lifting Etiquette

Whether you’ve been a long time member at SLC S&C or you’re brand new, we wanted to give you a little refresher on what we consider etiquette in the weight room. Attire Please wear a shirt while you’re training. No bare feet in the facility! You may workout in socks but please do not take… Read more »

In-Depth Article Review (2)

Tyler Jaso ELECTROMYOGRAPHY COMPARISION OF SEX DIFFERENCES DURING THE BACK SQUAT “Which muscles are activating/signaling more throughout the movement of the back squat” INTRODUCTION: Electromyography is a measurement of electrical activity within the muscle tissue of the human body The back squat being performed in this study is a multi-joint lower body push movement This… Read more »

In-Depth Article Review (1)


Reading a Lifting Card: The Main Components of the Format, What to Know About Each Area, and How to Simplify the Card Reading a Lifting Card: Giant Sets, Accessory Work, and Where to Adjust the Program Reading a Lifting Card:  Accessory Work, and Where to Adjust the Program Reading a Lifting Card:… Read more »

You know those days where time seems to be moving at hyperspeed and you end up hauling ass at 50mph down the road, just so you can make it to class 10 minutes late? What about those days where you just don’t feel like doing the warm-up so you just skip it completely or give… Read more »