SLC S&C Facility Closure Effective 3/31-5/2

Updated 4/12/20

There have been several developments with our state and county guidance over the weekend and we’re reaching out to provide important information on how this new guidance will impact SLC Strength & Conditioning operations. Please understand that the following decision was not made lightly and is in direct compliance with our government’s guidelines.

In short, SLC Strength & Conditioning will be closing, beginning tomorrow, Tuesday, March 31 until Tuesday, April 14 Saturday, May 2

NOTE: We did reach out to the health department this morning to see if we could get an exception, given our ability to safely operate during this time. We also know how essential your ability to workout effectively and safely is for your own physical and mental health. Unfortunately, the county was unable to accommodate due to the logistics and potential ramifications involved. I will say that our request to the county was seriously taken into consideration though and the final decision that was issued to us was not easy for them either.

Please continue reading for pertinent information on the following:

  • Continuation of Virtual/Remote Services
  • Memberships and Payments
  • Expected Timeline of Disruption


Though our facility will be closed, we’re going to be working hard to keep your workouts alive. Options for this include: Virtual Classes (live and coach led), and Remote Programming (self-guided).

Virtual Classes (beginning tomorrow):

During our regularly scheduled class times, please consider joining us (and other members) for a virtual class through the Zen Planner Member Portal or Member’s App. These will be done in your home or area of choosing and will be coached by one of your favorites.

We’ll be increasing “class” attendance to 18 people—please continue to reserve your spot and sign on with the specific link provided in your time slot. 

To enroll in a Virtual Class, follow these steps:

Remote Programming:

We’re on week three of this service being available and so far, we’ve received nothing but positive feedback. Those that have participated in these have said that they are surprisingly challenging, fun, and efficient/effective with the instructional video that’s provided. So, if you have not tried these yet, you can access all the programs and associated training videos here: (if you’re a member, email us for password. If you’re not a member, please enroll in our Remote Program Membership.)

We have also been contacted by several members inquiring about equipment rental, and though we are not entirely opposed to this idea, we will be holding off on this for now as we’re not confident in how to efficiently handle that for this two-week stint. As we get settled with these other changes, we’ll re-evaluate and keep you posted with any additional/applicable information on the subject.


We are fully aware that the regular service we typically offer is disrupted with this mandated closure, and please understand that this is not an easy ask for us, however, your continued support is integral to the survival of SLC Strength & Conditioning as we know it. Even though our government has shut down, our expenses and responsibility to our community have not. With that, all staff will continue to receive full pay and benefits during this extremely challenging time and until we can return to normal operations.

With that, we are asking all members to consider the continuation of their membership payments and to take advantage of the Virtual Classes and Remote Programming. If you feel strongly about discontinuing, changing, or placing a hold on your membership, or are in a weakened financial state due to the COVID-19 crisis, please reach out to Kristy at for assistance (due to extremely high volumes of calls, emails texts, and social media inquiries, please forgive any delay in response as we will get back to you as soon as we are able).

With us being a 100% locally owned, small business, your money matters. All membership fees directly support the services you receive from SLC S&C. Below is a breakdown of where your money is going:


Based on the guidance received with the governor’s Utah Leads Together plan that was issued late last week (detailed information can be found here: and the new guidance by the Salt Lake County Health Department that was issued yesterday, Sunday, March 29 (detailed information can be found here:, a specific set of businesses were ordered to be closed, including all gyms/fitness centers until 4/14.

With that our tentative timeline is as follows:

  • Monday, March 30 at 9:00 pm – Facility Closure (only staff are permitted on the premises),
  • Tuesday, March 31 (tomorrow) –Virtual Classes Begin (regular class schedule)
  • Tuesday, April 14 Saturday, May 2 – Facility Will Open and Regular Classes will Resume
    • NOTE: Given the circumstances of this virus, we are planning to return to the same level of operations that we have been for the last two weeks, with a class cap of five people, high frequency sanitization, and social distancing until further notice to align with the governor’s Stay Safe – Stay Home plan.
  • Monday, May 4 June 1 – Increase Class Reservation Number (if permitted by state)—we’re hoping we can get back to a relatively normal state of operations at this point but will still require class reservations ahead of time; this is based off the governor’s Stay Safe – Stay Home plan.

On behalf of all the coaches, THANK YOU for hanging in there with us as we truly appreciate all of your guys’ support through these last few weeks (and hopefully going forward)– SLC S&C simply wouldn’t exist with you. We know that this has been extremely challenging for everyone and we’re incredibly grateful to have such an amazing an community. Please keep your spirits high and ensure you continue doing “your part” in all of this. Most importantly, stay healthy as this too shall pass. 

Please reach out with any questions, concerns, or comments–even if it’s just a note sharing/needing positivity.