Category: Current Training Phase

Current Training Phase (October 2021)

Throughout our current block, Block 2: October 4- October 29 of our 13-week phase, we’ve seen a dramatic decrease in time under tension and overall volume of accessory movements. This allows us to hit higher weights and further increase maximal muscular strength, rate of force production, and work capacity. The intention for block 2 is… Read more »

12-Week Phase (September 2021)

The current phase will include three 4-week blocks running from September 6-December 4. Block 1, September 6-October 1, will allow you to progress to submaximal singles in our main exercises while incorporating higher volume sets and longer periods of time under tension (TUT) for the accessory movements. This strategy will set a strong foundation and… Read more »

Educating our community about the why behind our programming is important to us. Below is a high level overview of our current 12-week phase of training outlining the focus and corresponding benefits. Week 1-3 Focus – Tempo Benefits – Increases deceleration strength, improves overall strength, increases lean body mass, and improves power output. Week 4-6 (We’re… Read more »