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Educating our community about the why behind our programming is important to us. Below is a high level overview of our current 12-week phase of training outlining the focus and corresponding benefits. Week 1-3 Focus – Tempo Benefits – Increases deceleration strength, improves overall strength, increases lean body mass, and improves power output. Week 4-6 (We’re… Read more »

Tomorrow marks the end of three very long months for many, if not all, of us. As we enter the fourth month, of what might be considered our new normal for some time to come, we wanted to reach out and provide some updates with respect to the Continuation of Remote Services (Programming & Virtual… Read more »

Supporting the Utah Wild

Over the past year, you may have noticed the ultimate frisbee players who come to SLC S&C. They all bring intensity and joy to the gym, and the women who are part of this group have an exciting announcement: they have recently started a professional womxn’s* ultimate frisbee team based in Salt Lake City, the… Read more »

New Class: Recovery & Mobility

Optimize Your Recovery Process with the All-New Recovery & Mobility Class at SLC Strength and Conditioning Beginning January 7, 2019- Every Tuesday and Friday at 7 pm (50 min) The Recovery & Mobility class, new to SLC Strength and Conditioning, may be exactly what you need to take your current training to the next level…. Read more »

Holiday Food & Fund Drive

This holiday season, SLC Strength & Conditioning has partnered with the Utah Food Bank and we’re excited to be hosting our very first Food & Fund Drive! Did you know that 392,000 Utahns, which equates to 1 in 8 Utahns, are at risk of missing a meal today? Even more alarming is that 1 in… Read more »


For our Member Highlight, Week Three, we’re highlighting one of our Most Transformed Award Recipients, Alissa! Alissa joined our band of amazing members almost one year ago, to the day and takes the term ‘commitment’ to whole new level when it comes to her gym time. Alissa kindly provided the two pictures below and although… Read more »


In general, when the terms exercise and diet come to mind, one might immediately associate them with weight loss, but that may not always be the case. Sean found us about 6 months ago and came in with a goal to gain weight, more specifically, muscle mass. Sean’s story is nothing short of uplifting and… Read more »

Member Highlight- Week One

  Joe (pictured below) came to SLC Strength & Conditioning a little over a year ago and his story captures a sense of the hard work and commitment required to get where he is today. When we asked Joe if he would say a few words at our Birthday Bash to recognize him on his accomplishments, it… Read more »

Max Effort Week

As a training phase concludes, you will have the opportunity to see your strength in a number of lifts. Those lifts consist of: Back Squats, Bench press, Deadlifts, Chin ups, and Push-ups. Max Effort Week can be a lot of fun, however, it is imperative that those that are planning on participating follow the guidelines… Read more »

SLC Strength 2018 Healthy Beginnings!

SLC Strength & Conditioning is here to help you with whatever your fitness goals may be! We’re kicking off the new year with the Dexa Body Mobile Testing Unit on January 20, 2018. Dexa Body offers a service called a Dexa Scan using a full body x-ray (of sorts). The data collected provides a comprehensive analysis… Read more »