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Max Testing Week (May 30th – June 4th) You may have heard us in class talking about what percentage of weight you should be lifting. If you’ve never paid attention to this before, now is the time! Knowing what your one-rep max (1RM) helps you become more refined and accurate in your training program.  During this test… Read more »

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Post-Activation Potentiation and Test Week Throughout the current block, we’ve worked with what I call the seesaw method, varying high and low intensity sets and differing volume, to help prepare the body for our next block (Block VI) containing higher intensity (>85%) exercises followed by a biomechanically similar plyometric movement to have a post-activation potentiation… Read more »

Deload Week and The Seesaw Method As our current training phase ends, it’s time to deload (April 4-8). Throughout the deload week, volume and intensity will decrease allowing the body to recover and adapt to the previous block while preparing for the next block of training. It is crucial during deload week to take a… Read more »

The Salt Lake County Health Department has issued a 30-Day Mask Order “requiring people in Salt Lake County, regardless of vaccination status or past COVID-19 infection, to wear well-fitting masks when indoors (or queueing outdoors) in public…” ( effective Saturday, January 8 – Monday, February 7. In addition to masks being required again, we will reimplement and continue… Read more »

12- Week Phase Overview (Jan 2022)

A birds-eye view of this 12-week phase shows four 3-week blocks. Blocks I and III will be accumulation blocks whereas blocks II and IV will be intensification blocks. Our three resistance training days (Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday) are structured according to how taxing each day, and its encompassing exercises, are to the central nervous system…. Read more »

December Newsletter 2021

*|MC:SUBJECT|* *|MC_PREVIEW_TEXT|* DECEMBER NEWSLETTER Happy December SLC S&C! Snow is here, the holidays are upon us, and we’re so glad to have you with us this season.  In this newsletter: Introducing Rachel Class Attendance Current Training Phase In-season Training (winter sports) Holiday Hours Utah Food Bank Food & Fund Drive Anniversary Celebration SLC S&C is turning 5!… Read more »

Current Training Phase (December 2021)

Accommodating Resistance Block Moving forward from our previous block, we look to continue working on explosive strength while focusing on power (rate of force production). Our current block of training incorporates accommodating resistance to have a post-activation potentiation (PAP) effect on the lower-body plyometric exercise immediately following the movement. This adaption allows for an increase… Read more »

Current Training Phase (October 2021)

Throughout our current block, Block 2: October 4- October 29 of our 13-week phase, we’ve seen a dramatic decrease in time under tension and overall volume of accessory movements. This allows us to hit higher weights and further increase maximal muscular strength, rate of force production, and work capacity. The intention for block 2 is… Read more »

12-Week Phase (September 2021)

The current phase will include three 4-week blocks running from September 6-December 4. Block 1, September 6-October 1, will allow you to progress to submaximal singles in our main exercises while incorporating higher volume sets and longer periods of time under tension (TUT) for the accessory movements. This strategy will set a strong foundation and… Read more »