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Survey Results!

Survey Comments & SLC Strength Responses General Questions/comments (class times etc.)- For me, 5:30 am is a little too early, but 7:00 am is a little late to get to work. I wish there was a class at 6:00am or 6:30am, but I know that would make it hard to have two classes in the… Read more »

Recently, we hosted our official grand opening and partnered with Food for Performance so we could help our community and, more specifically, our youth in need. What an amazing event! The day kicked off with high energy and started out with our Unconventional Training classes that morning, Deadlifts & Donuts in the afternoon leading up… Read more »

SLC Strength and Conditioning will be up and running shortly. Feel free to check back with us at a later time or if you would like to inquire with us, please visit our contact page!